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Image of wine bottles and logo design.

Illustration, Design & Branding

Sometimes you need to have an idea made real and visual, we can help with professional and affordable illustration and design services. Herb is adept in many styles and media, both traditional and digital, including posters, wine labels, business cards, logos and other graphic products, and can help you get your work to the printer in a timely and efficient manner. I also offer free price estimates and project consultations.


Image of book "The Reading Dragon" cover and page spread.

Book Layout and Design

I work with individuals as well as large publishers. I can guide you through the whole process with illustration, design and printing. Lets talk about it, contact me for quotes and information.



Herb is a local artist and illustrator well-known for his fantasy art paintings exploring movement through pattern and color. If you are thinking about something large, contact us to talk about it, we are eager to work with you and have very reasonable rates!

Herb Leonhard painting a mural


Here is a little information to give you a helpful idea of fees, briefing and timing.

Below are some questions that help us decide what kind of project it is and how we may best create it:

• Please describe what the composition might involve? people? animals? landscapes? etc…

• Can you send over some visual reference or detailed art specs?

• How large are the illustrations and in what context will they be placed?

• How many illustrations do you require?

• Can you send over layouts with text in place so the artists knows the exact space they have to work with, or would you rather have us do that?

• If it is a book, what will the final trim size be?

• When would you like the artwork created, what is your tentative schedule?

• Would you like to use the images solely in the book, or in other places, such as merchandising?

• If you have a ballpark budget that would be helpful to know.

Image of blue butterfly above river.

Things I Do:

Graphic design & illustration for books, business cards, brochures, etc.

I can provide print-ready digital files to you or a printer of your choice, or can recommend one.

Murals are generally hand-painted on site.

Things I Don't Do:

Commissioned portraits.

Religious, political, erotic or horror themed work.

Copy writing and proofreading of manuscripts.

“Work for Hire”  book illustration, I retain copyright on children’s book images.

I also retain any original painted materials, unless otherwise negotiated.