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“Hold onto the Magic!”

Image of Herb Leonhard with reading dragon in background.

Herb Leonhard


Herb Leonhard:
Illustrator, Designer and Friend of Dragons

A creator of magical, often whimsical visions that have inspired the imagination of the viewer for over four decades, including books, murals, labels, logos and much more 

Image of artist with dragons and cat.

What My Clients Say

"Herb Leonhard is an amazing artist. We commissioned him to do two large murals on our store front, and plenty of people stop and take photos of and with the paintings. We're quite proud to have his artwork on our walls."

Amanda Divine

Adventures Underground

"I found a treasure when I found Herb Leonhard to illustrate my novels. His cover art is outstanding and grabs the readers eye. He is a professional and patient prince to work with for getting exactly what I want."

Janet Muirhead Hill

author of A Twist in Time and other novels

"Herb Leonhard is the rare person whose heart and soul are so truly full of magic and whimsy that his works of art translate almost flawlessly between what is created internally and what is expressed to us".

Laurie Ellis

“With his artwork, Herb Leonhard creates fairy tale places where you want to live, and characters you want to know.  Inside that one picture, the story is clear, heartwarming and colorful.”

Debra Johanson

“Herb is an amazingly talented illustrator who consistently exceeds my expectations. I find myself looking forward to what he’ll come out with next.”

Joshua Kandle

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